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The most intelligent form of exercise equipment available - the Gymnic Classic Ball. This superior quality ball is excellent for all applications in physical therapy, sports and gymnastics. It follows the guidelines of the renowned Bobat Method which is used in the rehabilitation and physical therapy offices all over the world. The Gymnic Classic is an excellent "way to move" to get in shape and have fun while exercising to maintain overall health, fitness and wellness. Its many other versatile uses include dance and body movement, aerobics, weight loss, specific fitness programs, as well as dynamic sitting for correct posture. Maximum sustainable weight up to 270 lbs.  Easy-to-follow exercise booklet included.

Compliance Information:

  • Gymnic products are made in Italy and CE marked.  No child labor is employed in the manufacturing process.
  • The raw material used in the production process is high quality PVC (vinyl), which is compliant with the REACH-EC 1907/2006 regulation.
  • All Gymnic products are phthalate- and latex-free.
  • The production process does not contemplate any toxic exhaust emissions in the atmosphere.
  • This product is compliant with the 93/42/CEE regulation for Class I Medical Devices.

Safety Information:

  • Gymnic balls are intended to be used with body weight only.  Lifting weights while using the ball may cause injuries to the user.  DO NOT USE WEIGHTS WHILE EXERCISING ON THE BALL. 
  • In case of puncture, the ball bursts.  Please make sure the ball is used on a surface free from pointed objects

Ball Sizing:

Gymnic Classic

Item No.


Person's Height


Ball Size



9545 Gymnic Classic up to 5'0" 18" Yellow
9555 Gymnic Classic 5'1" - 5'5" 22" Red
9565 Gymnic Classic 5'6" - 6'0" 26" Blue
9575 Gymnic Classic 6'1" - 6'7" 30" Yellow
9585 Gymnic Physio Group Activity 34" Red
9595 Gymnic Physio Group Activity 38" Blue
9598 Gymnic Physio Group Activity 48" Red
Manufacturers Suggested Age Range:
13 years and up
Country of Origin:
small parts