Beka Wooden Stilts

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You'll be heads above the crowd with these natural, Wisconsin-made, hard maple, all wood stilts. These eco-friendly stilts are just like your favorite uncle used to make! We make them using regional hardwoods, like maple and beech.  Kids and adults alike will have a blast mastering these classic Beka Wooden Stilts! Leave your distinct "footprint" in the sand, mud, snow, or anywhere you go with the durable Beka Wooden Stilts, a toy that challenges balance and other skills. Beka Wooden Stilts are the outdoor stilts that will give kids a leg up on everything - literally! These Wooden Stilts are as sturdy as they come, constructed from solid maple with smooth upright handles and safe adjustable foot rests, which make balancing easy and stilt walking a breeze. Whether kids pretend to be walking the high wire at the Circus, towering above the town, or just need a unique way to get from A to B, the Beka Wooden Stilts will lift you off to active imaginary play beyond compare!

The uprights are available in two heights - 47-3/4" or 58" tall. The footrests adjust from 5-1/2" to 14-1/2". The bottom position provides an extra large base for better balance.

Stilt walking hints are included.

Adult Assembly Required.

Manufacturers Suggested Age Range:
8+ Years
Country of Origin: