Beka Wooden Blocks - 20 Piece Toddler Set

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The Beka Toddler Block Set comes with 20 blocks in 5 different shapes selected because they are perfect for small "toddler-size" hands:

  • 6-half units
  • 2-units
  • 4-unit flats
  • 6-half pillars
  • 2-pillars

Beka's Traditional Block Sets are based on the standard 1-3/8" x 2-3/4" x 5-1/2" unit, which is a standard block set dimension used in schools and day care centers nationwide. Each block is a fraction or multiple of the basic unit, providing blocks that support successful block play. Each set includes an assortment of block shapes and sizes to provide a wide range of building options to the child using them. These Traditional Block Sets are a great foundation for anyone just starting their block collection. Choose a set with an assortment that suits your budget. Recommended age: 1+ years

Why hard maple?

  • Heirloom quality, designed to last a lifetime.
  • Dense Hardwood for greater durability.
  • Increased stability of "tower's", etc. from added weight.
  • Renewable domestic resource.


Manufacturers Suggested Age Range:
1+ Years
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