Beka Wooden Blocks - Special Shapes 51 Piece Ultimate Complete Set

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An ultimate set to brag about, our Special Shapes 51 piece Block set includes:

  • 12 units
  • 4 double units
  • 4 pillars
  • 2 double pillars
  • 4 double columns
  • 4 Roman arches
  • 4 small half circles
  • 4 large triangles
  • 2 double triangles
  • 2 half Gothic arches
  • 2 small buttresses
  • 1 intersection
  • 1 side road
  • 1 circle curve
  • 1 large half circle
  • 1 switch
  • 1 Gothic arch and
  • 1 Gothic door.

Beka's Special Shapes Collections extend the use of the traditional unit block (the foundation for block play) to sets with a variety of less common shapes, including triangles, curves, and blocks that naturally "fit together".   They combine a wide range of block sizes and shapes in these sets, adding some unique ideas for even more fun.  As always, each assortment provides a wide range of building options to the children using them.  Choose individual sets or combine multiple sets for even more creative opportunities.  The Special Shapes Block Sets give you an opportunity to puchase a large assortment of block sizes and shapes, or a small selection of unique shapes to "top off" existing block sets.

Why hard maple?

  • Heirloom quality, designed to last a lifetime.
  • Dense Hardwood for greater durability.
  • Increased stability of "tower's", etc. from added weight.
  • Renewable domestic resource.


Manufacturers Suggested Age Range:
1+ Years
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