Beka Wooden Blocks - 30 Piece Little Builder & Whimsie Set

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The Little Builder-Whimsie 30 piece Block Set provides another level of block play by adding two Whimsical Wheels to a set of Natural Hard Maple unit Blocks. This 30 piece set combines Traditional Unit Blocks, Little Builder shapes, and two unique Whimsical Wheels. The set includes:

  • 4 Half Pillars
  • 4 Pillars
  • 4 Double Flats
  • 8 Unit Flats
  • 4 Half Unit Flats
  • 4 Notched Half Units
  • Larry Large and
  • Sally Circle.

Beka's Little Builder Block Sets feature a unique block shape - a block with notches that unit flats can fit into. The combination of notched blocks and unit flats allows block play to proceed horizontally, as well as vertically. The addition of blocks that may be interlocked provides added stability to towers, giving young children increased positive play experiences.  The Little Builder Block Sets make great stand alone sets; they are also often added to the Traditional Block Sets to create bigger and better sets for families who already have unit blocks in their home.  Recommended age:  1+ years

Why hard maple?

  • Heirloom quality, designed to last a lifetime.
  • Dense Hardwood for greater durability.
  • Increased stability of "tower's", etc. from added weight.
  • Renewable domestic resource.


Manufacturers Suggested Age Range:
1+ Years
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