Andromedome Paperweight - 4 Inch Diameter, Earth, Moon & Mars

Shasta Visions
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This desktop paperweight is a full-color hand-polished acrylic masterpiece that includes our beautiful glass natural Earth and iridescent Moon, as well as the red Mars, all to scale! These masterpieces in their own right are then suspended over a spectacular full-color Andromeda galaxy backdrop, as the Andromedome. The geographically accurate Earth, Mars, and Moon spheres are all handmade of glass. This work of art arrives in a black paperboard gift box. Clear rubber bumper feet are provided on the 4" diameter base to provide protection and stability for this cherished keepsake. Educational facts are laser-engraved onto the bottom and an educational story card is also included. This is a handy conversation starter for any lovers of astronomy, astrology and stargazing. Here is a mind-blowing perspective printed on the base: At this approx. 1:300 million scale, the Moon is 50 inches from the Earth, our neighbor Mars is 200 yards to one mile further out, and our nearest galaxy, Andromeda is 43 billion miles away and 4.3 million miles in diameter.

  • 4” (100mm) diameter Andromedome
  • Expertly crafted to educate and be passed down as a cherished keepsake for generations
  • Geographically accurate Earth, Mars & Moon to scale, suspended above the beautiful full-color Andromeda Galaxy, our nearest neighboring galaxy
  • Educational info laser-engraved on the back
  • Comes in a gift box
The geographic planets & Moon are expertly kiln fired at over 1000 degrees, creating a masterpiece that will last a lifetime! 
Handmade in the USA
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