Wee Forest Folk Miniatures M-709 - Come Out and Play It's Halloween

Wee Forest Folk
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Come out, come out my little ghosts
And dance along the railing posts!
Rise up from your hiding place
And put a smile on every face!
For on Halloween it's time to play
All through the night, until the day!
Sculpted and signed by Donna Petersen.
3.75" x 4.625" x 2.75"

Collect all the Wee Forest Folk Halloween Figurines!

The Petersen Family have been crafting Wee Forest Folk exquisite miniatures since 1972 right here in the USA. A Wee Forest Folk figurine begins as an original clay piece which is hand sculpted by one of three sculptors in the Petersen family. The finished sculpture is molded and hand cast at the "mouse factory" in Carlisle, MA. Carefully selected artists flawlessly paint each one by hand bringing to life a sweet little mouse personality.

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