Jr Conservatory Addition Unfinished Dollhouse Kit

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This is an UNFINISHED DOLLHOUSE KIT that includes all the supplies needed to build a junior conservatory addition for your dollhouse! The Junior Conservatory Addition dollhouse kit works with the 3-story Junior Series dollhouses and the 3-story Lilliput® dollhouses. This cute addition makes a very nice breakfast nook, music room or anything your imagination can visualize.

Scale: 1 in. = 1 ft.
Access: Open Back
Rooms: 1
Expandable: No
House Style: Eclectic
Dimensions: 11 7/8"W x 11 7/8"D x 13 7/8"H or 11 7/8"W x 11 7/8"D x 14 5/8"H - 1 Room plus Rooftop Balcony (dimensions listed indicate the overall dimensions of each dollhouse including items that protrude, such as porches and roof cresting).

The Junior Conservatory Addition Kit Classic Features Include:

* Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown (paint, glue, curtains and any landscaping or furnishings are not included).
* Precision Workmanship - engineered parts pre-cut to really work (Gingerbread, if used, and Trim Strips are supplied in easy to cut lengths).
* Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
* 10 inch floor to ceiling height
* 1/4 inch Plywood floor
* 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch MDF
* Alternate dimensions 11 7/8" W x 11 7/8" D x 13 7/8" H
* Can be built to fit either the right or left side
* Foundations supplied to adapt to a variety of houses
* Solid wood windows, door, rails, dowels, newels, edge trim and gingerbread
* Stucco paint additive included
* The Junior Conservatory also fits the QuickBuild Classic Colonial and Finished Vermont Farmhouse Jr.
* This Junior Conservatory is designed to fit all 3-story, rear open, Junior and Lilliput kits
* Each unit is sold separately

Not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Stucco Finish

In a Stucco kit the exterior walls are smooth and formulated stucco mix is included in the kit. When you combine the stucco mix with your choice of paint, it creates a textured exterior finish.