Dollhouse Bay Window Addition Kit

Real Good Toys
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This is an UNFINISHED DOLLHOUSE KIT that includes all the supplies needed to build the Bay Window Addition! This NEW Dollhouse Bay Addition kit by Real Good Toys will make a great addition to your 1 inch scale dollhouse. This is the same bay that can be found on the very popular Victoria's Farmhouse dollhouse. The unfinished kit comes complete with everything you need to finish as shown in the photo and includes interior window trim as well. The Bay Addition kit will require customizing on your end as you'll need to cut an opening to accommodate the Bay Addition (instructions and details are included in the kit). Helpful online tutorials are available to help you along your way. The overall dimensions when assembled are approximately 10 3/16"W x 3 15/16"D x 11 3/4" Tall. The overall dimensions do include the foundation, which has a height of 1 3/4" Tall. Detailed assembly instructions are included.

Created in Vermont; Manufactured in Thailand

Not recommended for children under the age of 13.

Country of Origin:
Created in Vermont / Manufactured in Thailand