Beka 36-Inch Adjustable Tapestry Loom - The Grizzly

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This Adjustable Tapestry Loom - The Grizzly - is designed to be sturdy, yet lightweight (for it's large size) and very flexible. This hand-crafted, high quality vertical loom is great for tapestries or wall hangings; easy to use sitting or standing. Enjoy weaving a wide range of projects, using this gigantic tapestry frame loom on a table (only the bottom half is needed), or standing upright on the floor at almost any height. You can weave numerous pieces at once or make one massive masterpiece; maximum weaving length is 64"! Adjustable at 3" increments making it possible to easily weave projects from 16" to 64" long.

Simple to assemble, each Tapestry Loom comes with a set of beams featuring strong plastic teeth (36" maximum weaving width - 5 teeth per inch = 180 teeth per beam piece), and all the tools needed to weave.

-Two Beams
-Four Upright Side pieces
-Two Feet
-Six Beam Positioning Blocks
-Two 39" Pickup Sticks
-One 39" Stick Shuttle
-One 21" Stick Shuttle
-Easy Assembly Instructions with a 'How-to-Weave' link

All that is needed is the yarn you choose for your project! Yarn sold separately.

Ivory warp yarn is optional and can be selected during checkout. This is 100% cotton warp yarn and has approximately 800 yards on each 1/2 lb tube. In Natural Ivory this yarn is the perfect choice for weaving. It is strong and able to withstand the constant friction of the weaving motion.

Adult Assembly Required.

Manufacturer Suggested Age Range: Ages 13 to Adult

19 lbs.
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