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Anker Steinbaukasten Stone Building Set - Extension Set 18A (230 Blocks)

  • Anker Steinbaukasten Stone Building Set 18A.
  • Anker Steinbaukasten Stone Building Set 18A in Box.
  • Anker Steinbaukasten Stone Building Set 18A in Box.
  • Anker Steinbaukasten Stone Building Blocks.
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Product Description

Anker Stones / Anchor Stones by Anker Steinbaukasten are high quality sets of building blocks for children and adults alike.  For over 125 years Anker Stones have been manufactured by hand according to a traditional formula. 100% natural materials, consisting of chalk, quartz sand, colour pigments and linseed oil meet the highest of ecological standards.   Manufactured in three colors to simulate terra cotta brick, natural sandstone, and the blue slate of European roof tiles, these blocks look and feel like real stone.  This gives the finished structures a lifelike quality that is unsurpassed.  Anker Stones are hand finished to a high degree of accuracy, making it possible to build very complex structures.  The weight and texture of the blocks are sufficient to hold the building together.  There is no need for glue or other adhesives.

Currently, 16 different building sets are manufactured that can be combined according to the traditional Anker extension system. With each extension set, the number and diversity of the stones increase, and thus, also the possibilities to create larger and more multifaceted buildings. The building plans in the extension boxes are designed in a way that enables you to use stones from previous basic boxes.

Building Set #18A  is an extension set including 230 additional stones.  It also comes with a booklet illustrating plans for different structures which can only be built with this set in conjunction with sets #6, 6A, 8A, 10A, 12A, 14A and 16A combined.  These sets are sold separately.  However, you certainly do not need to have any other sets in order to build endless designs from your own imagination!  Stones are stored in a wooden box with a sliding lid which contains an additional diagram illustrating how to pack the stones back in the box.

  • 230 bricks in a wooden box
  • Construction plan *
  • Packing model

* Only in combination with Sets #6 + 6A + 8A + 10A + 12A + 14A + 16A

The beautiful color manual is made from the original wooden block prints and has many diagrams of buildings you can make that are appropriate to this set.

The high quality, educationally valuable Anker Stone Building Sets are true treasure chests for old and young master builders. Castles, palaces, towers, bridgesÂ… creativity and fantasy are never limited. Anker Stones are long-lasting companions that get even more vibrant as time goes by, obtaining a unique patina. Whether intended as a child's toy or as a serious adult's hobby - Anker Stone Building Blocks are always a wonderful choice.

Anker - The brick makes the difference.

Other Details

Manufacturers Suggested Age Range:
3 Years to Adult
Country of Origin:
Small Parts

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Product Reviews

  1. Worth the money

    Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2016

    I have the all the sets up to and including this one. I am going through first and building each of the buildings, then I plan to branch out and design my own buildings. This is good for older children to help foster focus and dexterity. It is great for adults that want something much better than Legos.

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